Australia’s regionally

distinct and fine wines

Furmint, chardonnay dry berry picking in 2005

Read it slowly. Even for the spill of this wine is necessary to allocate considerable time.  

The wine flows slowly, noble. Aroma first offer vinilevuyu accented note. Time will reveal more and luxurious floral and honey notes. In the mouth, the wine suddenly and completely unfold. First, you will entice game of sugar and acid. No one will give way. Furmint, the basis of sweet wines Shtaerskoy area, strongly contributes to the fact that the match ended in a draw - in favor of you - drinking and enjoying it. Quite oily texture, delicate wood vanilevaya note, shade dried fruits and luxurious floral-honey notes are invited to have a small sip of the new, new small opening.


Designed for a peaceful society. For the moments when you have time for yourself. For complete relaxation ... In the next two years.

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