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Shiraz - Australian wine

Grapes "shiraz", having been removed once from France - a leader in the production of red wines of Australia. It allows you to create a variety of wine styles. Depending on the region, the wine "Shiraz" can be easy, fruity, thirst quenching, or with shades of white, black and red pepper.

Most Australian wines subjected to aging in oak barrels. All varieties of grapes used for wine production in Australia, international, growing in other parts of the world. However, thanks to the sunny climate and worked out for the original tradition of 200 years, Australian wines have a distinctive character. Among the red wines of Australia has become the star of a great Syrah. It is not so similar to its French parent, as it is called in the world by Australian - "Shiraz". However, few people know that there is a whole family of Australian Shiraz. Her head can be considered Shiraz with a rich fruity bouquet of warm Barossa Valley, where wine has a long history. His younger brothers - thanks to the elegant maritime climate Shiraz from McLaren Vale, warm and friendly Shiraz from the Murray Darling Riverladn and Griffith, elegant, with notes of spicy Shiraz from Victoria, and Shiraz from the Hunter Valley to the earthy tones of the bouquet.

Among Australian Shiraz wines are four basic styles:

1. Most fruit wines Shiraz.

As a general rule, grapes used for the production of these wines is growing in the lower reaches of rivers or on the fertile vineyards of high, caressed by the sun during the day and cool sheltered long nights. These wines are good to drink young, they are filled with aromas of berries and usually have a lighter shade of oak. Typical representatives of this style - Wine Oxford Landing Shiraz and Mad Fish of Western Australia.

2. Australian Shiraz from old vines.

These wines have become a trademark in Australia. For their production, use grapes from very old vines growing on the warmest vineyards mainland - Barossa and Eden Valley: Here the vines produce very low yields, and does not apply artificial irrigation. Therefore exclusive concentration and depth of flavors form a style that keeps aloof of the diversity of Australian wines. The obvious leaders of this style of wine recognized by Grange and Henschke Hill of Grace: already for a long time, they are among the most outstanding wines in the world. Not so long ago, the winery Yalumba wines by the example of Shiraz / Viognier has demonstrated the possibility of linking the indomitable beauty of Shiraz grapes with grapes inherent Vioner noble elegance. This wine has appeared thanks to the so-called simultaneous fermentation (co-fermentation), when the grapes Shiraz and Vioner not handled separately and together, which gives us so expressive in nature wine.

3. Pepper Shiraz.

This wine from the cooler regions of Australia, so their style has much in common with the wines of the northern Rhone Valley. The cool climate suggests a low yield and long ripening period, which gives the wines of individual shades of white and black pepper. Peppery tones inherent extremely elegant wines Central Victoria and the Yarra Valley. It's safe to say that his appearance on the wine map of Australia, these wines must Trevor Mast - winemaker of Mount Langi Ghiran. Depending on the year, in the aroma of wines from the Margaret River region and southern Australia may also be present distinct peppery tones: example is the wine Vasse Felix Shiraz 2001. But this same wine in 2000 is the epitome of style rather more mature and fruit wines Barossa, with a predominance of black fruit aromas and taste of licorice.


For the latest styles of wines include Shiraz wine with hints of leather and earthy notes, which for many years formed the basis of the Australian wine industry. The climatic conditions of regions like the Hunter Valley c unique to winemaking, almost sub-tropical climate, provide an opportunity to receive Shiraz wine with rich fruit flavors and rounded. But they have the lighter body, which leads to the rapid development of complicated shades fallen forest fruit. Now these wines - not the most popular, because most winemakers, wanting to keep up with the latest fashion trends of the world of wine, concentrating all their efforts on the production of complex and pure in style wines.

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