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distinct and fine wines

Riesling 2010

Riesling in the world is going through a renaissance and proves the title of "king of white wines."


Frankly, we are very pleased to be able to offer you a Riesling 2010. This year, he demanded that a large number of victims, selection of hard work. In the style of the King...

He is a very delicate lemon-yellow color. Aroma - the average accent, is rich and has a recognizable odor grade. It offers fresh notes of lemon, peach, pineapple. It really is a lovely fragrance. It combines the ease and intensity of the smell, which is a rarity. Of course, it is dry, has a total of 12.0% and a lively acid, and a really nice drink.

Since 2010, comes with an elegant screw cap. This is - for fans of Riesling and for those who want them to become. This is - the classic Shtaerskoy area.

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