Australia’s regionally

distinct and fine wines
Introduction to Australian wines
If you like to drink wine and learn from all over the world, here is a list of ten things you should know about Australian wines:
1. Australia is the sixth largest wine producer in the world.
2. Australia fourth exporter of wine in the world. Australia imports to India, 16% wine, 17% of the wine is imported into the United States.
3. Consumption of wine per capita Australia 23.2 liters per year, which is somewhat higher than in the UK (20.7 L) and more than two times higher than in the U.S. (8.96 liters).
4. Australians prefer white wine to red wine, but this preference is changing. In 1986, 80% of the wine consumed in Australia were white, but now that percentage has dropped to 60. Although the stores you can see that the majority of Australian wines on the shelves - red. more...
About wine production
Wine - a product of fermentation of grape juice prepared in advance for home. more...

Red wine
Red wine - this wine is made from red or blue (black) grape varieties such as Cabernet Saperavi, mattresses, Merlot and others. more...

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Sauvignon 2007

Sauvignon is at home in almost all wine regions, dominated by a little colder regions.
Riesling 2010
Riesling in the world is going through a renaissance and proves the title of "king of white wines."
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Shiraz - Australian wine

Grapes "shiraz", having been removed once from France - a leader in the production of red wines of Australia. It allows you to create a variety of wine styles. Depending on the region, the wine "Shiraz" can be easy, fruity, thirst quenching, or with shades of white, black and red pepper. With you can place live bets on all major horse racing events in Australia plus all other markets. Get a unique betting experience on your PC or mobile.

Most Australian wines subjected to aging in oak barrels. All varieties of grapes used for wine production in Australia, international, growing in other parts of the world. more...

Wine production

Wine - a product of fermentation of grape juice prepared in advance (winemakers often call it a must or musts). In the world there are plenty of wines, which are divided into types and brands. The taste, quality and color of the wine depends on its origin, climate, grape varieties, crop year and production technology. On manufacturing all wines are divided into: sparkling, quiet, natural sweet, fortified and flavored. The most common category - a still wine, shared on dry, semi-sweet and semi-dry. These wine are made only from ripe grapes. For the manufacture of pink and red wines using only red grape varieties, but for the production of white wines can be any kind. So, how does produce wine and how the technology of production affects the quality and flavor characteristics of beverages? more...

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